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Fine art black and white portraits by J. Ridout
Black and white family portrait by J. Ridout

The Story of this Season

Life is full of seasons: Toddlers, wondrously exploring the world around them become gradeschoolers learning the ins and outs of playground politics. Busy families of teens and pre-teens will soon send their first child off into the world. Some years later, they will return with wives, children of their own, and you will quickly realize how quickly the seasons of life have turned.

J.Ridout tells the story of each season in your family’s history. From the classic portrait of a young child to the family enjoying the day together. Our heirloom portraits are crafted to commemorate each season of life. Seasons demand time, attention, forethought, artistry, detail and most importantly celebration. So that when you gaze upon your portraits you will remember the time; that is your heart on the wall.

Uniquely Designed for Your Home

Intended to live on the walls of your home, every portrait we create is perfectly designed and balanced to blend in with your family’s personal style. Commissioning a portrait of such importance requires more than just meeting in the park, snapping a few photos. It requires careful planning and preparation. We ask a lot of our clients, and they demand perfection from us.

Beginning with a Private Consultation, we discover your desires for custom portraiture, chat about your experiences and expectations, get to know your family and how you relate to each other and discuss your ideas of setting.

On the day of the sitting, most, if not all of the decisions have already been made: the perfect attire, the perfect location, the perfect light.

We proudly serve Dallas and surrounding communities, both on-location and at our Frisco, TX studio.

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Creating Portraits in Four Distinct Styles

The Latest from J.Ridout

Schedule Your Modern Classic Portrait Sitting for Spring

February 7, 2017Can you believe it is already February? Spring is upon us! And, with the Spring comes new life, new growth, and yes… Change. Your young son or daughter will never be this little again, but they will always hold a piece of your heart. Let us help you capture these special memories by creating a Legacy portrait of your child. Whether formal or informal, these images are memories of this season in your family’s history. Have your found the perfect outfit yet? We encourage you to start looking for that special heirloom dress, or pair of trousers now. Spring attire for your precious little ones are in stores now and usually sell out quickly. To ensure plenty of time for ... Read More

J.Ridout Gallery & Photography Studio is Open

February 1, 2017Our Portrait Gallery & Photography Studio showcases J.Ridout’s unique styles of legacy and heirloom portraiture, beautifully displayed in an environment that is elegant and sophisticated. As comfortable and inviting as your home, design consultations and other client meetings are conducted here. The Gallery converts into a photography studio where we create our award winning Lasting Impressions, Modern Classics, and Fine Art Black & White portraits of families and children. The Portrait Gallery is located north of Dallas, TX in Frisco, near Legacy & Main Street. We are distinctly Frisco, and serve all of North Texas and nationally.

Introducing Fine Art Black & White Portraits

September 7, 2016Magic happens when you view an image without color. It becomes a highly emotional experience as you enjoy a connection with the subject that is undistracted and pure. Delicate light, tender expressions and subdued scene combine to create the perfect environment to capture what matters most to you: that beautiful face. Fine Art Portraits from J.Ridout, created exclusively in black & white, handcrafted and formally presented, are instant classics: timeless reminders of your family and the perfect compliments for your home. See some of our latest Fine Art portraits our Gallery.

Behind the Scenes with Mikhael

August 2, 2016Behind the scenes and on location, creating an heirloom portrait of Mikhael. So much fun and such a great kid!