Family Reunion

Family Reunion by J. Ridout, unique family portraits in Dallas, TX


A letter from the family:

The portrait that you produced is beautiful and is a mark in time for our family.

The day of the Sitting on May 28th was really lovely because even though we all live in different places and sometimes do not see things from the same perspective. We usually get together about 4 times or more a year, but this time was special because there was no event such as a party or holiday. We were able to have time as a family.

I woke up early to cook a big from scratch pancake breakfast, the radio was playing in the background with a mix of American oldies and Nigerian current tunes. The children played and sang as my brother played on the piano. We tried on clothes and adjusted jewelry as the makeup lady and the headtie lady got us ready. There was a tantrum thrown by baby Haven when she did not want to wear her outfit. Grandma saved the day by recognizing that a quick snack would get her back to her sweet self again. It was a wonderful sitting and you were so gracious and professional.

When we received the portrait and presented it to Mummy, she was emotional and this is still her favorite present from her 60th birthday party. She stares at it on the mantel in the Houston house every morning in absolute reverence as she marvels at her legacy….her family as it is today. She is so grateful that God has kept us all and brought us into the New Year.

Thank you so much for making mummy so happy! We all love it so much.

Thank you,


May, 2016

  • 24″ x 40″
  • Mixed Media on Canvas
“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.”C. Everett Koop