The Balcombe Family

Jeremy RidoutBeautiful Homes, Frisco TX, Handcrafted, Installations, Mixed Media, Portrait Artist, Storytelling, Uniquely Designed

Balcombe Family Portrait

The season is about to turn for the Balcombe family as their oldest child graduates from high school this week and heads to Baylor University in the fall. They wanted a special portrait to capture each family member’s unique personality; a portrait that would tell the story who they are and of their first 18 years together. What we created for them brings a piece of their scenic, north Texas ranch back into their beautiful, Frisco, TX home. Visiting the ranch in November to plan the family portrait session, Dad recounted stories of fishing in the pond (and of his daughter’s ring that is still at the bottom of it), camping with his son and the wild pigs that would … Read More